Rocket Spanish Review – Can It Really Help You?

Rocket Spanish Review

Welcome to this in depth Rocket Spanish review where we’ll take a closer look at whether or not this method can help you. Spanish is increasing in popularity as a foreign language. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, more of us are studying Spanish online and we’re turning to courses like these. The reasons are obvious – speed, convenience and price. Evening classes don’t come cheap any more and progress is slow. Of course the best way to learn Spanish is to take 6 months off work, board a plane for Madrid or Mexico City, rent an apartment and do a full time course in country.

Being realistic, however tempting that idea may be, very few of us can afford to invest that much time and money. This is where online language courses like this one come in; they offer a nice compromise, you can learn at your own pace, and you won’t clean out your bank account.

If you need more motivation, here’s a nice introduction to the Spanish language

So What Is Rocket Spanish?

It is a course that, according to the company, state that you will be able to both understand and speak Spanish as fluently as a native in less than half the time of other methods. This is quite a bold claim to make and we’ll be investigating that further. There is a web site (members only) that contains the complete course; you log in with your personal details and then have access to all the material. To enable you to also study when you are offline (commute to work, when jogging, at the gym, etc), all the audio files can be downloaded.

How Did It Get Started?

The company behind this product is called Rocket Languages. In 2004 Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling, both students, came together to produce a method that they felt was more effective than the traditional college based language learning methods. After some testing and fine tuning, they released their first course, Rocket Spanish. Since then 11 further foreign language courses have been added to their product range, all based on the same methods. They claim to have over 1,000,000 users ranging from complete novices to intermediary students.

What’s Inside This Program?

There are 33 language and culture lessons contained within the course. The real heart of these tutorials are 32 audios averaging 25 minutes in length, over 15 hours altogether. It is claimed that your understanding of Spanish will be greatly enhanced through these audio files because real native speakers will be teaching you the right pronunciation. Where appropriate explanations of new grammar are given, and there are new words within each lesson. This to expand your vocabulary as quickly as possible. You can also record yourself, then compare your pronunciation against that of a native Spanish speaker thanks to the “Hear It Say It” feature.

When we were researching this Rocket Spanish review we especially liked the personalized Dashboard. This can be customized to your own preferences and is the main tool that pushes you to learn faster, according to the official site. This helps you track your overall progress, and suggests which of the lessons would be the most suitable for you to next complete, depending on your own unique style of learning. Within the Dashboard you will be able to pinpoint any weaknesses and concentrate on overcoming them.

Within the course there is also a part called “Word Games”, which I found quite innovative. Instead of trying to learn new vocabulary the traditional way, i.e. memorization, this is done as part of an on screen game. I assume the psychology behind this is that it is quicker to learn something new within a “fun” environment rather than one of traditional “study”.

There is a members only forum, as well as standard email and telephone support.

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What About Feedback From Real Users?

This language course has been around for several years now, it is a mature product, so a lot of students have tried out the system and left their opinions. I had a careful look through 106 user reviews and read what they had to say. They seemed to be people of varying ages, nationalities and education levels. These 106 people were asked to rate the program from 1-5 stars, 103 gave a 5 star rating, 1 gave 4 stars and 2 people offered a 3 star rating. Here’s a few samples of their testimonials:

“I can only say good things about Rocket Spanish, and would recommend it to everyone who is serious about learning Spanish.”
- Frank, Kansas, USA

“…with Rocket Spanish you’ll see that you are building slowly, slowly, step by step, your knowledge about Spanish, and that is very motivating…”
- Steven, Belgium

“It also allows you to hear the words spoken and use the words in speech. I found it to be better than Rosetta Stone.”
- Daniel, USA

“It’s a very, very good course I can really, really recommend it, even if your native language is not English”
- Geja, Netherlands

Speed of learning and good customer support were mentioned quite frequently.

Any Negatives About This Course?

spanish-premium-laptop-detailedYes, we found a couple of things in our Rocket Spanish review we didn’t like. This course is web based, i.e. online. Some people prefer to work with traditional CDs. This is offered as an alternative in a 20 CD box set but is quite a bit more expensive than just using the web site. Worldwide free shipping is offered though.

The other thing is that being realistic, not everyone is comfortable with learning a new language on their own. There are people who learn best in a kind of classroom environment with a real world teacher to help and cajole them where necessary. Motivation is an important factor. Possibly this is a leftover from our childhood days and how we learned things in school? It may be that this applies to you, in which case a more suitable choice may be to find a good evening class in your area.

So Can You Really Learn Spanish With This?

As long as you are ready to put aside regular study time as well as closely following the lessons then yes, you will be successful. A lot depends on your own “stickability”. A few years ago online study was quite a revolutionary and untested idea. These days they are mainstream with a proven track record of students who have achieved their goal of learning Spanish.

It comes with a 60 Day guarantee (giving you sufficient time to “test drive” the course), and there is currently also a free 6 day trial available.

Discounts and Bonuses Currently Available

As of today’s date there is still a $50 discount available from the usual price, you will also find 3 relevant free bonuses included as part of the package. They are

  • Rocket Spanish Premium Survival Kit valued at $49.95
  • Rocket Spanish Beginners Mega Cards valued at $19.95
  • Rocket Spanish Advanced Mega Cards valued at $19.95

So, now you’ve read the Rocket Spanish review, the next step is to click the link below.

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Should I Buy Rocket Languages Spanish?

Rocket Languages Spanish

As interest in learning Spanish increases, more and more people are look closely at the Rocket Languages Spanish course. Over the last few years online language courses have become increasingly popular. Well-known businesses such as Linguaphone and Rosetta Stone have increased their sales, and “newcomers” such as Rocket Languages have arrived on the scene. If you’re considering buying a language course to improve your Spanish, then it makes a lot of sense to find out some more about the company behind that course. What is their background? What are their claims? What do their customers think? Let’s take a closer look…

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Rocket Spanish – Do You Really Want To Download It?

Rocket Spanish Download

Having tried out this Rocket Spanish download, here are some of the things I have learned. This is an online course to help you study and learn the Spanish language. It was the first language course released by Rocket Languages almost 10 years ago. Since then there have been over 1,000,000 downloads across all 12 languages offered by this company. There are many reasons to learn Spanish, and there are various ways you can do that. In many ways it’s true to say that there isn’t one best method; a lot of it depends on your own personal circumstances. Let’s take a closer look.

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